Regular teacher parent communication takes place through the schools’ computerised grade announcement and communication system which was designed by the schools themselves. Most parents have emails and are contactable at short notice through this system. Parents can also see whenever they wish the current status of their children in terms of homework and continuous assessment. Homework from all subjects is inputted into the system on a regular basis as a check to students and parents. Access is by password.

In addition to the school’s computerised grade system, the Ministry of Education has its own on-line grade system for primary and high school education (e-okul), to which parents have access and which provides a summary of student grades, inputted by the school at key junctures of the school year.

Teachers and students are given email accounts with the University’s computer system. The computer backbone for the school, as a result of being linked to the university system, is therefore excellent.

Teachers and students are encouraged to develop their own websites. The school also encourages teachers to actively use Moodle, an interactive Learning Management System which allows the curriculum to be posted and delivered on-line as part of a blended learning approach.

The school has 4 fixed computer laboratories, one for PreK-4, one for 5-8, one for 9-12, and one in the primary and middle school library. There is also a laptop system in the high school which allows the computers to travel to the classrooms.

White boards and data projectors are used extensively in the schools, and are combined with smart boards in many instances. All staff have access to computers in their departmental rooms and in their classrooms.

Computer use is well integrated into all aspects of the life of the school, including the classroom, communication, administration, grading, and planning.